Congratulations, Andrzej J. Gradzikiewicz!

1. Andrzej J. Gradzikiewicz, the topic of your dissertation is “New Testament Onomastics – Lexicon of personal names found in the New Testament“. Why did you choose this topic and what did you hope to find out?
The topic was chosen before I even applied, and slowly grew on me. My purpose was to formulate a semantic theory for personal names in the New Testament. After researching into each one of them, I think my lexicon is now a good foundation to continue building upon.

2. You were a doctoral student in BerGSAS and you have successfully completed the program “Ancient Languages and Texts (ALT)”. In your experience, what are the benefits of a structured PhD program?
The program allowed me to meet people from other areas of ancient studies and learn about different approaches. Additionally, the conferences, Summer Schools, and similar events allowed me to connect with other scholars from Berlin and all over the world. It has been very enriching personally as well as professionally.

3. What do you take away from your time as a doctoral student at BerGSAS?
Fond memories of people with similar struggles, an appreciation for other branches of ancient studies.

4. What advice would you give to students who are about to begin their PhD program?
Take full advantage of the library, interdisciplinary events and Summer Schools.

5. During the “Berliner Antike in der James-Simon-Galerie – Personen und Objekte“ event on the 1st of December, you and other recent PhD graduates will receive your official PhD certificate. What do you plan to do next?
I will continue serving as a teacher at the faculty of theology at the Universidad de Montemorelos in Mexico.

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